How well do you play in the sandbox?

tnAchieves recently hosted career panels at some community colleges across the state.  We invited tnAchieves Scholars to hear from professionals working in fields related to their academic programs. Panelists shared personal experiences entering and navigating the workforce.  Students received tips for the job search how to prepare for an interview.

Career Panel 2015 2_0
tnAchieves students with career panelists from Cleveland State Community College.

Some of our favorite advice for the interview process include:

  • Apply and interview somewhere that you might not have intentions of accepting the job. You still gain interviewing experience.
  • Body language accounts for over 60% of first impressions. This means a firm handshake, eye contact, and good posture are key.
  • Research the organization you are interviewing. Be prepared to ask questions to them – not just answer about yourself.
  • Clean social media is vital. You would be surprised how many people can access your personal information. Google yourself to see!

Panelists agree that simply having a degree will not guarantee you a job. Employers look for other soft-skills that include:

  •        “Be a self-starter.” The means asking for help and not waiting for someone to solve a problem for you.
  •       “How well do you play in the sandbox?” This tests how well you work on a team.
  •       “Not many jobs are 9am-5pm nowadays.” Be prepared to work until the job is complete.
  •       “A dose of PMA will go a long way: Positive Mental Attitude!”
  •      “Communication, communication, communication.” Use your time in college to develop both written and verbal communication skills. These are necessary for any and all jobs!

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