Common College Obstacle #1: Time management

Common College Obstacles:

#1 Time Management

“Too much to do, too little time.” Do you ever find yourself feeling like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Having to juggle a job, school work, family and friends can certainly be overwhelming. Time management is an obstacle that many college students face.  In order to be successful in college it is essential to learn how to effectively manage your time. I think we can all agree that sometimes school work is not fun and it might be the first thing you want to push to the side, right? However you must make time in your day to complete your school work, and if you manage your time right you might be able to hang out with your friends that day too.

Students, let’s tackle the time management obstacle! Here is how:


When you have a lot going on, prioritize what you need to get done- starting with the things that are most important. For example, it is more important to meet a deadline you might have for school than go to a movie with your friends. If you make things like hanging out with friends a priority over school work you will find that it might not get done. This tip isn’t to encourage you not to hang out with friends or participate in other activities, it is important that you create balance in your life. However, do not make extracurricular activities your number one priority. If you get the important stuff out of the way first you will find that there will still be time for you to do other fun things.

procrastinationStay ahead of the game:

Do not be a procrastinator. As I already said, school work can be something that is easily pushed aside. That may be the easier thing to do at that time but it all piles up and you end up having a huge work load. In addition, when you have a ton of school work to catch up on in just a short amount of time your grades typically suffer. If you know that you have a school assignment due in a week, take 30 minutes every day and work on it. Think about it, isn’t it better to spend 30 minutes a day for a few days on an assignment rather than waiting until the day before it is due and having to sit down for 3 or 4 hours and doing it all at once? Staying ahead of your school work will result in better grades in the classroom and more personal time outside of the classroom.

Organization: to-do's

Staying organized is key in effectively managing your time. Using a planner would be the first step in being a more organized student. At the beginning of the semester use your course syllabi and write down in your planner each assignment and test you have for the entire semester. For those of you that have jobs on top of school work, each time you receive your work schedule put the dates and times you have to work in your planner. When you have a lot going on you cannot rely on your memory alone to remember everything, so make use of a planner and write these things down. Finally, I encourage you to take a few minutes each Sunday before the school week begins and review all of the things that you need to do. This will help you to get a better idea of what amount of time you need to set aside for the week to get your important tasks done.


In short, prioritize your tasks, stay ahead of your school work and stay organized. If you follow these 3 tips it will significantly help you in overcoming the time management obstacle.


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