Staying Professional on Social Media

In today’s society social media rules. Everyone has it, everyone uses it. How many times a day do you check or post something on your twitter? Instagram? Facebook? Most think of these social media outlets as a way to share and see pictures social%20media%20brandingof friends and family, see what videos are trending across the world or to stay up to speed on what breaking news is out there. What many young adults may not think about is employers are also using social media outlets as a way to learn more about a potential job candidate. Someone might look great on paper and interview great in person but if their Facebook page or Twitter feed is filled with inappropriate pictures or content that will absolutely effect the likelihood of them getting a job. However, you can also use your social media outletsas a good thing that can benefit you in your job search.

Let’s talk social media, the good and the bad.

Keep private things private: In today’s society it seems like everyone knows everything about everyone. It’s great to share things but also know where to draw the line in personal things you are posting on your social media outlets. Stop and think, is this something I would feel comfortable having a complete stranger read? If the answer is no, do not post it.

You’re social media outlets say a lot about you so make sure you are not posting things that could be a bad reflection of you. Always consider the different audiences that may be viewing what you are posting. If you are unsure if the things you have on your social media outlets are appropriate make your profiles private. A quick and easy solution! Do not leave anything up for question when it comes to a potential employer viewing your sites.

On a more positive note, you can also use these outlets as a way to brand yourself. You can learn a lot about someone when viewing their Facebook page or Instagram photos. For example, where they went to college, where they have traveled, who they are friends with, where they live and so on. Use social media to create a positive image for yourself.linkedin1

Speaking of branding, here is one thing you SHOULD do, get a LinkedIn. This site is a place for you to display all of your experience and qualifications for jobs. You can also use this website to connect with other professionals and check out some job opportunities. You may create a professional connection with someone you did not know or run across an old friend or acquaintance that can assist you in finding a job. Networking is key in finding a job that is right for you and this website is a great way to network.

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