Press Release: Director of Maury County Public Schools to Host Twitter Chat

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For Immediate Release:

October 22, 2015

Director of Maury County Public Schools to Host Twitter Chat

#GrowMaury #TNPromise Twitter chat with tnAchieves and SCORE aimed at college hopefuls and community to discuss Tennessee Promise scholarship and college preparation tips

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – Tennessee Promise has more students than ever thinking about college, but many of these students and their parents also have questions about how it all will work. The Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance and Maury County Public Schools (MCPS) are taking a proactive stance to help alleviate these worries for the county’s next generation of high school graduates going forth to attain college degrees by hosting a Twitter chat next week.

“The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It” campaign launched in July and is aimed at improving community engagement with MCPS to help make students of all ages successful. This Twitter chat is just one way the campaign hopes to involve community dialogue and make an impact on high school students looking ahead to college.

With many questions about Tennessee Promise still looming, the organizers of the Twitter chat aim to answer any questions regarding Tennessee Promise requirements / deadlines as well as explain the relationship between K-12 education and post-secondary opportunities for students as well as the way that tnAchieves / Tennessee Promise benefits those students. tnAchieves is the organization that administers the Tennessee Promise scholarship that offers eligible students two years of tuition-free assistance at a community college or technical school in Tennessee. Hosts will also dive into the importance of community and business leader involvement in serving as mentors for tnAchieves.

The chat will take place on October 27 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CDT. Parents, educators, students, business leaders and anyone interested in learning more about college preparation and Tennessee Promise are encouraged to participate using the hashtags #GrowMaury and #TNPromise. Participants should follow Dr. Chris Marczak, director of MCPS, on Twitter (@cjmarczak), along with @TNPromise, @tnAchieves, @SCORE4Schools, @DaveMansouri and @MauryAlliance to tune in to the community’s frequently asked questions about Tennessee Promise, posed by Dr. Marczak and important thought leaders across the education community.

Krissy DeAlejandro, executive director of tnAchieves and David Mansouri, executive vice president of the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE), will join Dr. Marczak to discuss the importance of furthering education after high school, the benefits of Tennessee Promise and tips on how to stand out on the Tennessee Promise application, which has a deadline of November 2, 2015.

“Twitter is a social media channel where many students participate daily,” said Dr. Marczak. “We want to meet students as well as parents and members of the business community where they already are and help them develop ideas for how to participate in the Tennessee Promise process.”

Wil Evans, president of the Maury Alliance, agrees that it is imperative for students to know they have the backing of the entire community as they make plans for college.

“We recognize that this time of life is often filled with challenges,” he said. “Students feel the pressure of exciting life-changing decisions as they near graduation. However, we believe that with enough support from the community, we can help them draw the shortest line to their goals with clarity and confidence.”

Organizers are hopeful that the Twitter chat will draw many students to the conversation, but want to stress that it is vital for students to see involvement and support from parents, educators and business / community leaders. Participating in activities like this can help build up students’ perceptions of their own abilities. When adults and leaders hold positive expectations for the younger generations, it can have a lasting impact on their lives.

Visit to learn more about the #GrowMaury campaign and for additional event details and tips on participating in a Twitter chat.

About Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance: The mission of The Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance is to facilitate business opportunities for Chamber members and create job growth through economic development. For more information about Maury Alliance, visit

About Maury County Public Schools: The mission of Maury County Public Schools is to provide the educational instruction, tools and environment for every child to succeed in LIFE (Life-long learners, Independent thinkers, Fearless innovators and Exemplary citizens). For more information about MCPS, visit

About tnAchieves:

tnAchieves is the organization that administers the Tennessee Promise scholarship that offers eligible students two years of tuition-free assistance at a community college or technical school in Tennessee.

About SCORE: The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) collaboratively supports Tennessee’s work to prepare students for college and the workforce. SCORE is an independent, nonprofit, and non-partisan advocacy and research institution, founded by Senator Bill Frist, M.D., former U.S. Senate Majority Leader. 

Sidebar tips for Twitter chat participation:

  1. Ensure that you have an active Twitter handle. If you do not have one, you can create one at
  2. In order to access the searchable discussion thread, type in “#GrowMaury #TNPromise” in the search function on Twitter. Twitter will automatically take you to the “Top” tweets. To see the live stream, click on the “Live” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Follow @cjmarczak, @TNPromise, @tnAchieves, @SCORE4Schools,@DaveMansouri and @MauryAlliance
  4. As 7:00 p.m. CDT rolls around, you will begin to see the moderator’s comments and questions filter in through the live stream.
  5. We recommend that you have your account open in two internet browser tabs. One for responding to questions with the moderator / host directly, and one for following the live stream. This ensures that you do not lose your place in the feed.
  6. Feel free to engage the host, moderator and other participants. You may ask follow-up questions by replying directly to their answer via the quote tweet function. Be sure to use the hashtags #GrowMaury and #TNPromise with every tweet you pose.
  7. Place a period “.” at the beginning of any tweeted reply back to a moderator or host, this will ensure that anyone who isn’t following you is also able to see your response.

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