tnAchieves Student Handbook: The Quick Guide

This month, tnAchieves has hit the road traveling across Tennessee for first team meetings with the class of 2017! As we go from high school to high school, we’ve had the exciting chance to meet soon-to-be Tennessee Promise students AND give them one of the most important tnAchieves tools they’ll have: The Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook isn’t just something to stuff in your backpack or under a wobbly table; this is your tnAchieves survival guide. Almost, if not, all the answers to your questions about requirement deadlines, the FAFSA and mentors can be found by flipping through the inviting, green and white Student Handbook pages.

Rather than going page by page finding answers for questions, we want to help make using your Student Handbook a little easier. Below, we’ve created a handbook quick guide to locate answers to frequently asked questions in less time!

tnAchieves Contact Information: Page 3

Every tnAchieves employee is listed on this page with their mobile phone number and email.

Student Checklist: Page 5

This checklist includes 2016-August 2017 deadlines for submitting your Tennessee Promise application, FAFSA, community service, and information on mandatory team meetings. Refer to this checklist often to make sure you’re completing all mandatory tnAchieves requirements.

How to Apply for TN Promise: Page 6

Be sure to apply here before November 1, 2016!

How to File the FAFSA: Page 9

This tnAchieves requirement must be completed by January 17, 2017. Follow the steps on this page to file your FAFSA sooner rather than later!

Mentor/Mentee Communication: Page 12

When communicating with your mentor, use this page to ensure you are communicating with them professionally and respectfully. Remember, they are volunteering their time to help you succeed!

Eligible Institutions: Page 16

Check this page to make sure the higher education institution you plan on applying to is on the list of schools Tennessee Promise scholars can attend.

Financial Aid Verification: Page 21

Not all Tennessee Promise students are selected for FAFSA verification. If you are, you’ll want to rely on this section of the handbook to make sure you correctly complete your verification by the tnAchieves deadline.

Community Service: Page 23

Find out which volunteer opportunities can count towards tnAchieves community service, and when your hours are due each semester!

Second Team Meeting Schedule: Page 31

Every high school’s MANDATORY tnAchieves second team meeting date and time is listed in the Student Handbook starting on this page. Failure to attend this meeting without submitting an approved excuse form will result in becoming ineligible to receive the Tennessee Promise scholarship.

Policies: Page 41

This section of the Student Handbook provides in-depth details on all tnAchieves student requirements. More specifically, the Policies section outlines what counts as an excuse for missing team meetings, what does not count as community service, TCAT and community college requirements, financial aid requirements, GPA requirements and more.

TN Promise Frequently Asked Questions: Page 45

From the basics of Tennessee Promise to transferring after community college, short answers to common questions are found here!

If we haven’t visited your high school yet, don’t worry! You’ll be getting a class of 2017 Student Handbook in the next few weeks when you have your first team meeting. If you missed your first team meeting, talk to your high school guidance counselor about receiving your copy of the Student Handbook ASAP. If you happen to lose your Student Handbook, you can download a digital copy here.

Other helpful tnAchieves resources you can use to find information include the tnAchieves website, your mentor and our staff. Please take advantage of these options during your time as a tnAchieves student and Tennessee Promise scholar! And happy Student Handbook reading!

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