Study Tips

Good study habits are essential if you want to succeed in college and beyond. The following study tips will help you earn the grades that you want and deserve!

good-study-habitsTake good notes

There is a correlation between taking good notes and having good study habits. However, taking good notes does not come naturally to everyone; it takes some practice. When you are taking notes it’s good to only write down the key points without writing down every word that your professor says. It is also important to write the notes in words that you understand and that make sense to you!

Stay organized

Write down all your assignments and other commitments in a notebook or a planner. Take a look at your planner on a weekly basis so you know what you have coming up that week. If you have a busy week, be sure to schedule in some study time! You should also keep your class materials organized. Use sticky notes to mark important pages, keep all of your returned assignments, and make flash cards for key terms. You will thank yourself later!

Unplug and Reconnectsocial-media

We all love the internet and social media but in order to be a successful college student, you need to set boundaries. Limit the amount of time that you are on your phone or the internet. When you are in class it is important to pay attention and be present in the moment; not browsing Facebook.

Don’t Cram

The last thing most students want to do is study but in order to earn good grades, you have to study. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying; study a little bit each day. Cramming is not a good study habit. If you study a little bit each day then you will remember more of what you studied and you will be well rested on test day because you won’t have to stay up late the night before to cram.

Use your time wisely

Time management is essential in college and throughout your life. Be sure that you are studying the key points of the lecture or textbook. There is no point in absorbing useless information that will not be on the test. If you aren’t sure what is important, meet with your professor and ask!

Take a breakth

You don’t have to study constantly in order to earn good grades. Some classes will require more study time than others but it is important to take a break! You do not have to study every day; you should take a day or two off each week to help you stay energized and focused. Take a 10 or 15 minutes break every hour. College can be  overwhelming so you don’t want to get burned out!

Find your zone

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect study environment. Some people need complete silence while others prefer to listen to music or have noise around them while studying. Try studying in different environments to see which you prefer. If you like studying in groups, start a study group with your classmates.

sleeping.jpgGet plenty of sleep

This may be the most important study tip! Everyone functions better when they have had a good night’s sleep. You should try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night but especially the night before your exam. You will perform better on your exam and be more effective  while studying if you are well rested!


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