Benefits of Having a Mentor

Whether it be your mentor with tnAchieves or another mentor you meet along the way, having a good mentor can greatly benefit you in many ways. Below are a couple of ways that mentors can positively influence your life:

Knowledge and experiencewhat_makes_a_good_mentor

Most of the time your mentor will be older than you, in that case your mentor will likely have more life experience than you do so they can teach you certain life and business skills that you may not have learned yet. Since your mentor will likely have years of experience in a particular field, they will have contacts that could be valuable to you  and your future career.


A good mentor may be able to arrange experiences for you in their field such as letting you sit in on meetings or events. That way you will be able to have a little insight into what your role may be in that specific career field.


Discussions that you may be able to have with your mentor will stretch your thinking by giving you another perspective to consider. It is easy for us to get stuck in our own perspective but it is always beneficial to look at other people’s perspectives and experiences to add to our own.

Mentor word cloud

Learning from experiences

Adding to the last point, not only can you learn from other people’s perspectives but also from other people’s past experiences. Your mentor has learned lessons along the way that could benefit you and your future career or life decisions. Sometimes we have to figure things out for ourselves but if you are able to learn from others past successes and failures then why wouldn’t you want to?

Improved performance

Having a good mentor will provide you with valuable feedback that may enable you to improve your skills or to assist in your own personal growth which could in turn elevate your personal performance. They may also be able to see your unique abilities and make suggestions on how to make the most of them in your life and future career. mentoring-pic-1


Working with a mentor can also provide you with a companion. Someone who you can bounce your ideas off of and feel secure talking to about your experiences or ideas. Having a mentor can give you a sense of partnership that may not be available to you otherwise. You will always know that you have at least one person in your corner, that’s very important!


Learn how to be a good mentor

If you have a positive experience with a mentor you will see the importance and benefits of having a mentor. Having the experience to work with a good mentor will also serve as a good training for you to be able to mentor someone else one day and give back.

In order to feel the benefits of having a good mentor, then you must trust in them and put effort into the relationship. You will not get anything out of the relationship if you aren’t putting any effort into it. Not only will they benefit you but having a mentee also benefits them in the long run! Be open and see where the experience leads you!


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