Choosing a College Major

So, what is a major? A major is your specialized area of study. After you take your general requirements in college, you will begin to take classes in your subject of choice based on your declared major!

Choosing a college major can be tough and overwhelming! Below I have listed a couple of things to think about when you are making this important decision!

socratic-questions-therapyAsk Questions

It may seem simple but you can learn a lot by asking questions of yourself and others. If you are still in high school, talk to your high school guidance counselor or if you are in college, talk to your advisor about possible career options! You can also ask others around you such as your parents or other adults you know, ask them how they chose their major. It may give you some insight!

Engage in some serious self-reflection and ask yourself questions about your goals, likes, dislikes, abilities, and past or present work experiences. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What type of career can you see yourself in?

What type of work do you enjoy?

What studies did you enjoy in high school?

What types of skills do you have?

Do you have any hobbies that you would enjoy as a career?

What have you learned about your likes and dislikes from your past or present work experience?

Are there in-demand career fields in the geographic areas where you would like to live following graduation?

The answers to these questions can help you guide your selection of a college major. For example, if you had a job in retail and you absolutely hated the work then you probably wouldn’t want to major in retail management.

Career Prep

If there is a field of study that you think you may be interested in, take a couple of classes in that subject to see if it’s something you will ultimately like. Also, talk to people in that specific field and get their feedback, ask them about their day-to-day duties and other information they may have pertaining that particular field of study.

Not only can you talk to those in a specific field of study but I would also suggest job shadowing or getting an internship with a company that you may be interested in working with in the future. A lot of times we may think that we are interested in a certain career but once we experience it, we decide it isn’t the right fit for us. If you are able to job shadow or hold an internship then you will be able to get firsthand experience of what your day-to-day duties may be if that was your career. Not only will you gain experience but you will also gain contacts who may be able to help you in the future if you decide to choose that career!


unlimited_income_money_rising1-e1412005352166Earning Potential

Money is not everything and it should not be what you base your decision off of but it is something that you can consider when choosing a major or potential career path. If you were to choose a job based on salary, you would likely get burned out doing a job that you were not passionate about or interested in. Here you can check different careers and their average salaries:

Subjects You Love

It makes sense that students would choose a field in which they are interested. If you love what you are studying, you will likely be more engaged in your classes and in your college experience. In return, that can mean that you make better grades and are more interested in forming relationships in your career field of choice that can help you later on in your life.


If you are undecided, don’t panic! Many schools don’t require students to declare their majors until their sophomore year of college so you have time to decide what major interests you. Take this time to take different classes, talk to others, and explore your interests!

Even if you choose a major early on and end up changing your mind, it’s ok! You can also change your major at a later time, you may be required to take additional classes but it is not an irrevocable decision!

There are resources out there for you and many websites you can visit to search for different colleges, careers, and earning potential. is very helpful for students to search different institutions and well as different careers. It lists the careers average salary and the hiring trend (the need for that position).

You can also take different online quizzes that will tell you what field of study you should consider based on your answers. Here is a good one to consider:

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