What’s next: tnAchieves Student Success College Checklist

Right now, thinking about everything you need to do before graduation is probably sending you into a to-do list tizzy. With senior photos to schedule and graduation parties to plan, it’s easy to let college and tnAchieves completely slip your mind, but you still have a few tasks to complete before you can head off for summer vacation.

You’ve already applied to tnAchieves and filed your FAFSA, so you have two of the most important steps to get to college already complete. Now, tnAchieves wants to remind you of a few more steps you need to complete as soon as possible with this student success checklist:

⃞   Apply to a TN Promise eligible institutioncollege bound

Remember, you can use TN Promise at any of Tennessee’s 13 community colleges or colleges of applied technology. There are a select number of four-year institutions with associate degree programs where you can use TN Promise to attend as well. For a complete list of TN Promise eligible institutions, refer to your tnAchieves Student Handbook or click here.

⃞   Submit your high school transcript to your college or TCAT

After applying and being accepted into your chosen TN Promise institution, you are required to send the school an official copy of your high school transcript, which must be sent from your high school. Before graduating, be sure to speak with your high school guidance counselor about how to submit a transcript request.

Some other important documents that must be submitted to your TN Promise institution include:

Community College and University students-ACT or SAT scores, shot records

TCAT students-Shot records

⃞   Take required placement testsACT

Depending on your ACT scores in English, math and reading, your institution might require you to take a placement test before you register for classes. In most cases, students are asked to take placement tests if they scored below a 19 in math or reading and/or below an 18 in English on the ACT.

⃞   Sign up for new student orientation

As an incoming first-year student, your institution will require you to attend a new student orientation to help you become acquainted with your new school. You can sign up for a  new student orientation time on your school’s website, or in the student admissions office. tnAchieves asks that you attend an on campus orientation if possible. It’s the only way you’ll really get to know your way around!register for classes

⃞   Meet with an advisor and register for classes

Once you have been accepted into your TN Promise institution, you should schedule an appointment with an advisor as soon as you can. Towards the end of the semester advisors are usually kept busy with students making their schedules at the last-minute. The sooner you meet with an advisor, the better chance you’ll have to get the classes you want. And when you sign up for classes, remember you need to register for at least 12 credit hours (four 3 credit courses) to remain TN Promise eligible! If you do not meet with an advisor, you will not be able to register for classes.

To graduate with an associate degree in two years, students should take at least 15 credit hours a semester (but this is not required).

⃞   Community College or University Students: Make your college student account

If you are attending a college, university or private institution, it is essential that you do not wait to make your student account. If you are chosen for FAFSA verification, you will be notified on your student account, which means you must check your account frequently and consistently for notifications.

⃞   Sign up for the Summer Bridge Program (based on your ACT scores)

You should consider signing up for tnAchieves’ Summer Bridge Program if your score was below a 19 on the math and/ or reading sections of the ACT and/ or your English score was below an 18. Signing up is free, and the Bridge Program will take place at each community college during the months of June, July and August. Sign up at tnachieves.org.

Don’t stress! This may seem like a long to-do list, but once you get the list started it’ll be done in no time. And then you’ll be able to enjoy some sand and sun before your freshman year! Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate officially becoming a high school graduate. Congratulations, class of 2017! tnAchieves can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

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