Benefits of Continuing Your Education

At tnAchieves, we know that your senior year of high school is exciting, nerve-wracking, and sometimes a bit confusing. This may be the first time in your life that people expect you to have answers to questions you’ve just started considering. If you feel overwhelmed with questions like “What do you want to do when you graduate?”, “Where do you want to go to college?”, “Do you know what you want to major in?” you are not alone. In fact, the mini panic attacks and tears that might be triggered by these questions are normal.

In this blog, tnAchieves wants to help you tackle the first and most important question you’ll have to answer your senior year: “Why should you go to college?” While you might have your own personal answers to this question, here are some more reasons to consider furthering your education.

moneyCollege graduates have higher paying jobs

According to a study by Pew Research Center, in 2012 college graduates with bachelor’s degrees were making about $45,500 a year while working full-time jobs. Full-time workers with associate’s degrees were making about $30,000 a year during this time, and people with only high school degrees were making $28,000 a year. The salary difference between a high school graduate and a college graduate resulted in a pay gap as high as $17,500.

College graduates get the job, and keep the job

Not only do most jobs today require prospective hires to have a college degree, but the Washington Post reported that people with college degrees have lower unemployment rates. College grads are also more likely to keep their job when the economy faces a recession or decline in job opportunities.

College graduates enjoy their jobs more

In 2013, over half of people with bachelor’s degrees told Pew Research Center that they were “very satisfied” with their job, and almost 40 percent of people with associate degrees said they felt the same way about their employment. High school graduates were almost tied for job satisfaction with people who had associates degrees; however, more people with associate’s degrees said they felt confident in their education in preparing them for their career. Over 80 percent of the survey participants Pew spoke to with bachelor’s degrees and 73 percent with associates degrees said they had a career, or career-track job.graduation

College pays off

Not only do college graduates tend to make more money, maintain a stable career, and have more satisfaction in their job or career, but Pew found that 62 percent of millennials said that college has paid off in their lives and 26 percent of college students believe their degree will pay off in the future.

Ultimately, the decision to further your education past high school is yours. As you think about your options for after high school this year, remember to consider some of the information tnAchieves has provided in this blog. Whatever path you choose, just make sure it is the right one for you!

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