Student Spotlight – Tylan Barr

Tennessee Promise WORKS!!!

Listen Up All Students!  I would like to enlighten every Tylan Barrstudent on my college adventure while attending Southwest Tennessee Community College.  My name is Tylan Barr.  I am currently enrolled in Southwest Tennessee Community College after attending one of the most “AWESOME” high school called Saint Benedict at Auburndale, Class of 2017.  SBA prepared me for college.  However, I have to admit, I was not laser focused in high school as I should have been.  I assumed Southwest by being a two-year college would be a breeze.  Boy, I was “TOTALLY WRONG”.  I had to work extremely hard to catch up on what I thought my perception was of a Community College.  I assumed the workload would be a lot easier, not a lot of homework and just doing a lot of discussions in class.  Yes, I became that student that got put out of Southwest Library at night for staying in there until closing.  Studying and making sure I understood every portion of my lesson.  The tutors at Southwest are “PHENOMENAL”.   “THANK YOU”, Mr. Foster, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Ron, Mr. Bill, and Mrs. Bonnie for a job “WELL DONE”.  Also, Mr. Porter and Mrs. Connie for ensuring I am on track for my college studies at Southwest and when I leave.  THANK YOU!  A “SPECIAL KUDOS” that is well overdue to Professor Christopher Rogers, Professor William Turner, Professor Frank Daniels, Mrs. Jivanta Farmer, and Mrs. Aquila Phillips for an “OUTSTANDING JOB”.  If you want a “REAL CLEAR UNDERSTANDING” of Financial Aid answers, ask for Mr. Nick Howze, Mrs. Sandra Wallace, or Mrs. Lisa Griffin.

Southwest Tennessee Community College has been one of the “BEST” decisions I made.  I am receiving a “FREE EDUCATION” for two years, on the Dean’s List, and on the path of receiving one of the Cum Laude’s attached to my degree.  Here at Southwest, I am on track to graduate in the spring of 2019 with a Parallel Engineering Degree.  Yes, I am leaving a Community College in two years not three or four years according to my mom regarding previous students.  I am planning on studying abroad with Southwest before I leave.

Once I graduate from Southwest, I plan to attend The University of Memphis to obtain a Bachelor in Engineering Technology.  Therefore, to add to my surprise regarding the U of M curricular criteria, I am ahead according to the Academic Counselor Ms. Stephanie Johnson at the U of M.  My mom and I were informed that the classes I was taking at Southwest are a higher level math than what I needed for The University of Memphis Engineering Technology Degree.  This simply means, I am beyond on track and will be well equipped for my Engineering Technology Degree.  Thank you”, Mrs. Johnson, for assisting us, being beyond professional, and extremely positive.  EXCELLENT JOB!

Yes, I had to add my “ASTONISHING” #1 Mommie and G Mommie (Grandmother).  THANK YOU” for everything you have done for me, words cannot begin to express my humble appreciation and deepest gratitude.

I would like to personally give a “SPECIAL THANKS” to Governor Bill Haslam for signing the Tennessee Promise Bill.  This is a plus in my book.  College students walking away from college with less debt, “Sounds Good To Me”.

Director Thomas Graham, “Thank You” for referring me through my mom to write about my experience at Southwest Tennessee Community College by enlightening other students that Tennessee Promise definitely works, only if you know how to apply it.


Tylan Barr

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