Now that I’m in college, what are my TN Promise requirements?

Whether you are an incoming freshman or a returning student, it is almost time for your college classes to begin! It is important to remember your TN Promise Scholarship requirements so you can remain eligible as you continue your college career! Use the list of requirements below as a checklist so you can be sure that you aren’t missing anything:

register for classesEnroll as a Full-Time Student Each Semester

If you are attending a community college or 4 year institution, you are required to enroll in at least 12 credit hours each semester in order to remain eligible for TN Promise. If you are attending a TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology), you must be enrolled in a full-time program. Not only must you enroll as a full-time student but you must remain full-time throughout the semester which means attending and participating in all of your classes for the entire term. If you fail to attend all of your classes you could be dropped from the course. Likewise, if you drop a course and it brings you below full-time status, you will then be ineligible for TN Promise. Before you drop a course, check with your advisor to be sure it will not bring you below full-time enrollment.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

At a community college or 4 year institution, you must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA. tnAchieves will not check your GPA until the end of each academic year which would be the end of the spring or summer term. Therefore, if you are struggling in a course, do not give up! You may have time to bring up your GPA before you become ineligible. At a TCAT, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress. The requirements to maintain satisfactory academic progress do vary by program so check with your instructor! At a TCAT, your academic progress will be checked each trimester.

Complete and Submit 8 Hours of Community Service Before Each Deadlinecommunity service.jpg

Your community service or job shadow hours must be submitted by the established deadline prior to each semester/trimester. For more information and the specific deadlines, please click here:

File the FAFSA by the Established Deadline Each Year

You must file the correct year’s FAFSA by the established deadline to remain eligible. You will file your FAFSA at If you are selected for financial aid verification, you must complete the process with your college before any funding will be applied to your college account.

email.jpgContinue to Check Your Emails

You will continue to receive an email from tnAchieves every Monday. It is important to read your emails so you do not miss a TN Promise requirement or announcement. If you are not receiving emails from tnAchieves, contact a tnAchieves staff member to update your contact information.



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